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STL Update for January 15th, 2009

The new year has arrived and with it many new opportunities to spread the Gospel.

Brother Ken Gardner has been pretty busy sending packages all over the known world. We pray that much good will come from these efforts. Last week Brother Ken sent Eastside church of Christ in Cleveland, TN some extra financial support to help cover a brother's expenses in Africa for the next couple of months as he travels back and forth to teach Sylvester and others from his church who've contacted us. Several packages of information and study materials have gone overseas, one was to the brother in Africa, another was to a new prospect in India and also to a brother in Nigeria.

Not only are we getting responses from over seas but also from right here at home. A man from South Carolina has heard the broadcasts and has written in requesting the free Bible correspondence course.

Many good things are happening! Keep the work in your prayers!

In His service,

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