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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 11:34 AM CDT

An Update on Seeking the Lost

STL NewsSTL update for September 2011

The Seeking the Lost international radio program is a radio evangelism effort under the oversight of our Elders [the Clinton congregation elders - JT] and made possible by the active involvement of too many good folks to list here. You might be wondering â??How much good can a radio ministry under the oversight of a little congregation in plain old Mississippi do to evangelize the world?â?

Consider these recent statistics from the web site (http://www.seekingthelostradio.net) and see for yourself!

As of September 15 our site received 142,905 total hits. People around the world are listening to gospel preaching! There are more than 200 articles in the system. They are good, concise, informative lessons on a wide variety of Bible topics.

The most popular lesson on the site, â??Four Lessons from King Saulâ?, had 1,414 views. The 10th most popular has received 500 views. The combined number of views for the 10 most popular lessons was 6,924. That represents a lot of eyes and ears!

Our most popular page on the web site has been for our broadcast schedule (2,459 hits). People clearly want to know when they can listen to our program. There were nearly as many hits for information about Seeking the Lost and for contact information (2,426 and 2,294 hits respectively). There have been nearly 2,000 hits to our listener response page. We regularly receive comments from listeners and it is overwhelmingly positive.

Many good things, including conversions, have come from Seeking the Lost. The elders [of the Clinton congregation - JT] are to be thanked for their oversight of this good work. Ken Gardner, our deacon over missions [again from the Clinton congregation - JT], should also be thanked for his tireless efforts. This congregation as a whole [the clinton congregation - JT] can be commended as you help support this work through your generosity in giving. We are also grateful to the men who donate their time as our speakers, and still others who work â??behind the scenesâ? to see that souls throughout the world have the opportunity to hear the gospel preached.


Addendum by Todd Clippard:
Advertisers and politicians understand that one letter received normally represents the views of many more. Consider for a moment all the places from which Seeking the Lost has received email in the last year or so...

In the US
â?? Atlanta (2); St. Louis; Boston; Chicago; Orlando; Toledo & Dayton, OH; Boulder, CO; Charleston, SC; Hawaii (2); Louisiana; Iowa, Nebraska.

â?? England (Birmingham, 4 letters from listeners in London -); Scotland (Edinburgh); Argentina (Buenos Aires - 2 different listeners); Puerto Rico (San Juan); New Zealand; Jamaica (Kingston); South Africa; Nigeria.

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