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David and Goliath

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Radio transcript for the week of August 28, 2016

John Allan speaks on "David and Goliath" on Seeking the Lost - International Radio.

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There's a popular song about David's battle against Goliath that says "Only a little boy David..."

It might be the most popular summary of David and Goliath, but how accurate is it? In today's lesson we'll talk about that and notice some traits David possessed that we should have, too. We'll be studying from 1 Samuel 17.

  1. Background / Overview
    • Israel was at war with Philistines. Goliath is challenging them. They’re afraid.
    • Unrest. Uncertainty. Fear of defeat.
    • David came to see how his brothers were doing. When he saw what was happening he said he’d take up the challenge.
    • He assured King Saul that he was capable and that God would deliver him. (1 Samuel 17:34-37)
    • He went to battle and defeated Goliath.

  2. Possible Misconceptions
    • We have a tendency to picture David as a little boy. This is unlikely in light of the context. He was old enough to tend sheep, perform tasks that involved traveling by himself, and was capable of killing bears and lions.
    • We tend to think David was essentially helpless and had no ability. While it’s true he wasn’t a trained warrior he also wasn’t clueless and helpless. Again, this is an individual who had killed a bear and a lion w while protecting sheep.
    • Evidently David was not yet old enough to serve in the military. So it's true that he was relatively young, but he was probably a teenager; not a "little boy."

  3. Traits of David
    • Reverence for God: He was repulsed by Goliath’s mockery. (17:26)
    • He knew he had sufficient ability that God could use. (17:34-36)
    • He trusted in God for deliverance. (17:37)
    • He used what he knew. (17:38-40)
    • He wasn’t intimidated by mockery. (17:43-44)
    • He was determined to glorify God. (17:46-47; Matthew 5:16)
    • And God gave the victory. (17:48-54)

It’s not surprising that "David and Goliath" gets referenced a lot. But let’s remember some relevant facts:

  • David’s intent was to glorify God.
  • David had some ability; an ability God could use in this instance.
  • David had tremendous confidence in God and no cowardice before Goliath.

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