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Frequently Confused Verses

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Radio transcript for the week of August 14, 2016

John Allan speaks on "Frequently Confused Verses" on Seeking the Lost - International Radio.

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One unavoidable truth about humans is sometimes we make mistakes. And when it comes to understanding God’s word, there have been many mistakes made when it comes to understanding different passages. Today we’ll look at three passages people often misunderstand. With each verse we'll consider what some people claim the verse says. We'll then consider what the verse actually teaches. Finally we'll have additional thoughts for each verse.

  1. Luke 11:42
    • What people think: Nit-picking is bad. Attention to detail is bad.
    • What the verse teaches: Be balanced! Don’t get the little stuff right while neglecting the big stuff. (Matthew 23:23-24) Both matter!
    • Additional thoughts:
      • Jesus cared about every "jot and tittle" (Matthew 5:18)
      • It’s interesting that they neglect part of a verse that’s emphasizing not to neglect things.

  2. Matthew 7:3
    • What people think: "You can’t tell anybody they’re wrong because you’re wrong about something, too."
    • What the verse teaches: Get it all out. Plank first, then speck.
    • Additional thoughts
      • Yes, hypocrisy is bad.
      • If we're hypocrites we need to get that straightened out.
      • But this verse and passage isn't teaching that we can't oppose sin. (see Matthew 7:15-20, John 7:24)

  3. Philippians 4:13
    • What people think: I can be a superhero thanks to Jesus.
    • What this verse teaches: We can endure any situation through Jesus Christ and be content.
    • Additional thoughts:
      • This has become a go-to verse for people trying to motivate themselves.
      • This is still an encouraging verse without twisting it to mean something it doesn't.

Conclusion: If we're going to claim the high ground on studying and abiding by the Bible we need to use Scripture with the proper care.

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