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Seeking the Lost 2009 - 1st Quarter Update

STL NewsSTL update for January - March of 2009

The first quarter of 2009 has been quite busy for us. A lot of good things have been happening and several listeners have requested Bible study materials. In past three months we've received requests for Bible study materials from India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and even from right here in the USA! As we receive these requests, we try to contact brethren in a congregation near them so they can have the opportunity to study with someone one on one in addition to the literature we send them. We had one such request from Kenya. A preacher at an independent denominational church was using our radio program to teach the people in his congregation. He wrote to us and requested Bibles and a new shortwave radio. We've been able to provide him with these things and were also able to contact our brethren from a congregation relatively close to him to speak with them and deliver some of the items to him. From the last I heard, several brethren from our sister congregation will be meeting with them in April to do a large Bible study class for a few days. Please pray for them.

Also, our shortwave program was heard by a denominational preacher in Monrovia, Liberia by the name of Billy Paul. I'll let Ken explain this in his own words.

"Billy runs a program down there that feeds needy children. He contacted me and wanted some printed material that he could use as devotional material for those adults who assist him in his work. I sent him a box of brother J.C. Choate's classic book on the Lords church. He contacted me again and requested more. So i sent him another box. By now we had begun an email correspondence. He invited me to come down in February to conduct a seminar. I tried to put it together, but there wasn't much time. I was able to locate a gospel preacher down there named Maxwell Whea. Since I couldn't go, I began to look for a gospel preacher who could go. Gary Taft got me in touch with brother Todd Clippard. Things began to take off from there. Although it wasn't possible to get it done in February, brother Clippard was able to get it postponed until August.

We need to raise $2,000 to cover the expense of the seminar, which is expected to draw 200 denominational preachers. The Clinton elders have agreed to pay half of our costs. I am trying to raise the other $1,000. Brother Clippard is raising his own funds as is the preacher who is going to assist, brother Bill Burk. Its my understanding that we will be able to present 9 lessons about the church."

This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the Gospel far and wide in Liberia! Please pray that this seminar will bring many to the Truth!

Last but not least, "Seeking the Lost" has been being aired once a week by Mindanao Praise Radio (MPR) in the Philippines now for the last six months. In February, they contacted us to let us know they were giving us a bonus time slot. We are now heard in the Philippines on Sunday from 2:00 PM to 2:15 PM and in our new bonus slot on Saturday from 2:15 PM to 2:30 PM! We are very grateful to them for this additional slot and hope that many more people will be able to hear the Good News because of this!

Many people are hearing the Gospel because of this work, let's pray that their hearts are pricked and that they obey it while they still have time. Please keep us in your prayers!

In His service,


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