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Seeking the Lost 2009 - 2nd Quarter Update

STL NewsSTL update for April - June of 2009

We have a been busy this quarter primarily working with 3-4 contacts. Our biggest project right now is the upcoming lectureship in Monrovia, Liberia. This is scheduled to take place August 27-29. Bro. Todd Clippard and Bro. Bill Burk are going down to conduct this seminar in behalf of STL. We are anticipating at least 200 denominational preachers being in the audience. Todd and Bill together will be speaking approximately 18 times plus there will be several Q&A sessions. We are praying for great things from this event.The costs for conducting this event is $2,000.00. This money has been raised, thanks to many individual Christians.The elders of the Clinton, Ms. congregation generously made up the difference. Bro. Burk and bro. Clippard have raised their own support. We are so grateful for this, since this an expensive undertaking. When bro. Clippard gets home he has agreed to become part of our broadcast team.

We are also in contact with a brother in Christ in Nigeria who has requested material from us in order to help him teach the gospel down there. He has been sent one box filled with good material. he states that the congregation where he works doesnt have song books. We are currently looking for about 50 used books in good condition. We are also looking for approximately 250.00 to cover the shipping costs.

We continue to communicate with a gospel preacher who periodiclly goes into Kenya in our behalf to study with a denominational preacher there along with some of his congregation. We cover the costs for this preacher to make this trip. Altho the denominational preacher thus far has not been willing to obey the gospel, we want the studies to continue. Realizing the power of the gospel, we dont know but what members of his congregation might decide to come to the truth.

We continue to appreciate all the support and prayers. We realize that in such a program as this, there will be much good accomplished that we will not be aware of until eternity. God bless each and every one of you.

Ken Gardner

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