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Seeking the Lost 2009 - 3rd & 4th Quarter Update

STL NewsSTL update for August - December of 2009

The last half of 2009 was a very busy and productive time for "Seeking the Lost". Probably the two most significant things that happened both involved bro. Todd Clippard, one of our speakers. First in late August, Todd (along with bro. Bill Burk) went to Monrovia, Liberia and conducted a seminar on thr Lord's church in behalf of Seeking the Lost. This was a three day event that was attended by dozens of denominational preachers. Much good has come from this unusual event. More of the preachers were very interested in what was taught about the church of the bible. Some committed to go to their congregations and study further. Hopefully many will implement the things that they learned. It is hoped that we can repeat the type seminar in late 2010. Upon returning, bro. Clippard was invited to be one of the regular speakers and our program. He accepted and is doing a great job.

In this time period, we continued to receive requests for bible study materials from several places in Africa, the Philippines and in America from South Carolina. We always do our best to comply with these requests and in addition we try to find a nearby gospel preacher to contact these people.

We continue to appreciate the elders of the congregation in Clinton, Ms. for overseeing this work. Also, we appreciate the 6th Ave. church in Jasper, AL and the Liberty congregation near DeFuniak Springs, Fl. along with individual Christians for their financial support.

Our work will expand even further in early 2010. We will include this information in our next report.

Ken Gardner

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