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Walking Through the Mount (Part 4) - Judging

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Radio transcript for the week of July 24, 2016

Todd Clippard preaches on "Walking through the Mount (Part 4) - Judging" on Seeking the Lost - International Radio.

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Matthew 7-1-6. Most people stop reading this passage after the first two words. Doing so is utter folly and does a gross disservice to the text

  1. This text does not condemn judging:
    • This word appears 113 times in the NT and is neither inherently positive or negative:
      • Matthew 19:28
      • Luke 7:43
      • Luke 12:57
      • John 7:24
    • It is not judging when one identifies a tree by its fruit.

  2. Without question, this section of text is directed at the Jewish leaders of the day. Who in that social context was more guilty of the type of unrighteous judging than the scribes and Pharisees?
    • They condemned the guiltless - Matthew 12:1-8
    • They condemned the justified - Luke 18:9-14
    • They condemned Jesus - John 9:24
    • Note Jesus’ use of hyperbole (intended exaggeration) in His "speck and plank" scenario (vv 3-5, cf Matt 23:24).

  3. Jesus concludes this paragraph with an accusation of these hypercritical hypocrites as dogs and hogs (both unclean animals). But how does this verse fit the previous paragraph?
    • All worship (that which is holy) and service (pearls) ultimately must be offered to God. All other considerations are secondary.
    • The Jews lived and worshiped in constant fear of the Pharisees and their criticism, which could bring ostracism (John 9:34, 22) or death to the offender (cf John 10:32). Even the apostles lived in fear of the Jewish leaders (cf Matt 15:10-14)
    • Jesus here teaches the rank and file Jew the importance of pleasing God in worship and daily living, caring not what the Jewish leaders might think or do.
    • No matter what the rank and file Jew might do, he could never meet the impossible demands of the Jewish leadership:
      • Matthew 11:17-19
      • Matthew 23:4,15

Conclusion: When we worship to please men, preach to please men, or have any other motive in worship rather than glorifying God, we give what is holy to the dogs and cast our pearls before swine; Psalm 29:1-2; Psalm 96:8-9.

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