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Tuesday, October 22 2019 @ 12:44 AM CDT

Would You Be Ready?

Bible Study MaterialsA short poem by Jake Taft that focuses on something we should all think about.

If the Lord came back tonight, would you be ready?
If He came back with all of his might, would you be ready?
Would you cower on the ground
At the mighty trumpet sound?
When time stopped spinning 'round,
Would you be ready?

If He called out your name, would you be ready?
Do you know what you would say? Would you be ready?
Have you lived your life for Him?
Have you turned from all your sins?
Have you tried to make amends?
Would you be ready?

This day will surely come, will you be ready?
It will come for everyone, will you be ready?
Obey His voice today,
Lest your time should slip away.
For there is no other way.
Will you be ready?

~Jake Taft

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