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Gospel Internet Radio and TV

  • Gospel Broadcasting Network (1,649)
    GBN is "a satellite network, broadcasting the truth and nothing but the truth, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GBN is under the oversight of the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia. The primary thrust of the network is: To establish in viewers of all ages a strong belief in the existence of God through a heavy concentration of Christian evidences, To establish in viewers the conviction that God has revealed Himself and His will to man through the Bible; and To encourage the proper response to Godâ??s Wordâ??obedience to the plan of salvation and adherence to the New Testament pattern of worship, work, and Christian living.

  • The Gospel of Christ (1,919)
    "The Gospel of Christ" is a radio, TV and Internet evangelistic effort of the McLish Avenue Church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and is supported by congregations and individual members of the churches of Christ nationwide.

  • Truth for the World - Internet Radio (953)
    "Truth for the World" is a mission work of the churches of Christ. It is a total approach to world evangelism involving radio and television programs, literature and campaign follow-up.

  • WSOJ - Gospel Radio (1,167)
    WSOJ is an excellent internet radio station based in McMinnville, TN broadcasting Gospel sermons, congregational singing and more.