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Online Bible Correspondence Courses

Thank you for your interest in studying God's Word. These Bible correspondence courses are offered to you free of charge. The materials contained in these courses are based entirely on the Bible. We pray that you will study God's Word with an open heart and open Bible and come to know the truth that shall make you free, John 8:32.

For the "Introductory Lesson", please choose "Automatically Assigned" as the teacher (unless you have already been in contact with one of the other teachers). Once you complete the "Introductory Lesson", you will be assigned a teacher and you will select their name from the teacher list for the remaining lessons.

Please wait for a teacher to contact you before proceeding through the other lessons in order.

Any personal address information requested at this site is used only for internal record keeping and for mailing any materials that may be needed.


Introductory Lesson

Beginning Bible Studies

Lesson 01 - God
Lesson 02 - Authority in Christianity
Lesson 03 - The Old Testament
Lesson 04 - The New Testament
Lesson 05 - The Two Covenants
Lesson 06 - Sin
Lesson 07 - Jesus Christ, The Savior
Lesson 08 - Faith
Lesson 09 - Repentance
Lesson 10 - Confession
Lesson 11 - Baptism
Lesson 12 - The Church (Part 1)
Lesson 13 - The Church (Part 2)
Lesson 14 - The Second Coming of Christ
Lesson 15 - The Judgment, Heaven and Hell

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